While we recommend booking a full day tour package combining several activities if you want to make the most of your time exploring mainland Belize, we also offer shorter guided excursions so you don’t miss out on beach time or your favorite happy hour back on Placencia Peninsula. Please note, all single activity tours require a Four Person Minimum to run the tour. If your group is less than 4 we will try to find others to join you but it cannot be guaranteed. Apart from the culinary and cultural tours listed below we can also arrange guided half day rain forest hike, river tubing, zip lining and waterfall excursions for your group. Please email tastebelize@gmail.com or call us at 501-664-8699/630-5253 for more information about any short tour!

Unless otherwise indicated (with/without lunch option) all tour prices listed below are everything (transportation, guiding, all activity and entrance fees, samples, lunch and taxes) included.

TOLEDO DISTRICT: Explore Toledo, the verdant heart of Southern Belize and the most culturally diverse district in the country. Drive time to Spice Farm, Maya Cooking and Nim Li Punit activities is approximately 90 minutes each way. Ixcacao Chocolate is 2 hours each way from Placencia Village.

Simply Chocolate- Ixcacao Chocolate: Spend an unforgettable time at Ixcacao Chocolate, Belize’s original Maya-owned chocolatier. See cacao growing on the tree and learn about its cultivation. Then head upstairs to enjoy Maya style hot chocolate and delicious chocolate samples. During harvest season, sample the ripe cacao fruit itself! After these treats, Juan and Abelina guide us through the process of making our own chocolate from bean to bar using heirloom stone tools. We also tour their boutique factory and enjoy a delicious all you can eat farm to table lunch. 100 USD per person. Depart 8AM return to Placencia by 330PM or sleep in and depart 10AM return to Placencia by 530PM.

Nim Li Punit Maya Ruin:  This small and beautiful hilltop Maya site is famous for its carved stones covered with hieroglyphs and images of gods and nobles. The second largest piece of carved jade ever discovered in Belize was found here in 2015. Your guide will paint a compelling picture of the Maya civilization prior to European contact. Learn about Maya history and culture past and present and explore the green grounds and views of this royal complex, then enjoy a delicious fire hearth cooked lunch in a Maya family home. 75 USD per person. Depart 9AM return by 3PM or depart 11AM return by 5PM.

Belize Spice Farm:  Here we get our hands on cardamom, vanilla, allspice, nutmeg and black pepper plants. We touch and taste these spices and learn about their origins, uses and how they are cultivated and processed. You will never look at your spice rack in the same way again! This tour is perfect for food lovers and those with limited mobility as the tour can be done either walking or by wagon. Enjoy a delicious fire hearth cooked lunch in a Maya family home before heading back to Placencia. 80 USD per person. Depart 9AM return by 3PM or depart 11AM return by 5PM.

Maya Firehearth Cooking:  Get hands on with Maya culture with a Kekchi Maya family in the village of Indian Creek. Let the Coc sisters teach you all about Maya cuisine. Make your own corn tortillas and palm heart and cook over a traditional wood burning fire hearth or if you rather, just watch these expert cooks in action. Tour includes a demonstration of jippy jappa palm basket making before we depart. 80 USD per person. Depart 830AM return by 230PM

STANN CREEK DISTRICT: These adventures are conveniently in the same district where Placencia Peninsula is located. Drive time is 45 minutes to 1 hour each way.

Belizean Bittas: This tour features Belize’s most famous alcoholic beverage, rum and anise based bitters concocted with jungle herbs. Krishna and Dez Molefi, featured on the Travel Channel’s show Booze Traveler, take us on a hands-on adventure from the jungle and farm to the bottle in your hands. Learn about the importance of bitters in Belize and in Garifuna culture. We start on the farm and in the jungle where Krishna shows us local plants used in bitters making. Then we head to the bar to sample some of Krishna’s bitters and learn about the medicinal qualities of each plant. Krishna then helps us to concoct our own personal bitters blend to carry home with us. 80 USD per person with a Maya style lunch at Maya Centre, 75 USD per person no lunch. Depart 9AM return to Placencia by 1PM without lunch, 2PM with lunch OR sleep in and depart at 11AM for lunch, 12 noon without, return to Placencia by 4PM.

Chocolate Nibble- Cheil Chocolate:  We head to tiny Che’il Chocolate Company located in Maya Centre village. Here we take a short walk to the cacao farm to learn about how cacao trees are cultivated. Returning from the farm we get to make our own chocolate using traditional stone tools. While our chocolate is hardening Julio Saqui tells us about the different products that Che’il Chocolate makes-from cacao tea to a range of chocolate bars. Head back to Placencia afterwards with the chocolate we made ourselves or dig into your dessert right then and there!  75 USD per person with Maya style lunch, 65 USD per person no lunch. Depart Placencia at 8AM and return by noon without lunch, 1PM with lunch OR sleep in and depart at 11AM for lunch, 12 noon without, return to Placencia by 4PM.

Garifuna Firehearth Cooking:  Join us as we visit Hopkins Village, a picturesque seaside Garifuna community an hour drive north of Placencia. Here chef Gloria welcomes us to her home where we learn to make a delicious plate of hudut (savory coconut milk and fresh herb broth, pounded plantain and fresh fish) from scratch. Husk a coconut and turn it into milk for the base of this savory dish and participate in every step of creating this famous and delicious meal. 75 USD per person, lunch included. Depart 9AM return to Placencia by 2PM.

What to bring: Wear comfortable close toed shoes and practical shorts or light long pants. Bring camera, sunblock, bug spray and extra cash! Email us to book your tour now!