Jippy Jappa palm heart and hot peppers

Lyra Spang, Belizean tour guide, food anthropologist and organic farmer, created Taste Belize to offer unique food and culture focused tours and cooking classes for visitors looking for a different vacation experience. Our mission is to connect our guests with the heart and soul of Belize and its people through the food, farming and fishing that form the backbone of our culinary traditions. Our tours complement and transcend the restaurant experience allowing guests to explore the breadth of Belizean cuisine from the farm, forest and sea to the table in communities across Southern Belize. We do this in a sustainable manner by partnering with small businesses, (almost all of which are Belizean owned), individuals who share our passion for farm to table production and Belizean food and culture. Don’t see exactly what you are looking for in our tour descriptions? We would love to work with you to customize your ideal adventure, just ask!

Embrace Belize with all five senses. Explore our diverse food and distinct cultures found in our farms, forests, islands, rivers and reefs. You haven’t experienced our country until you Taste Belize!

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Please note that all the businesses and entrepreneurs that Taste Belize Tours work’s with are fully independent from myself (Lyra Spang) and Taste Belize Tours. I have no financial investment or investor/ownership role in any of the businesses that I collaborate with to offer our guests activities. They are all independent agents, many were in operation before I started guiding. They are doing wonderful things to build up entrepreneurship across Belize and I am proud to be able to bring my guests to them to get hands on with the diverse culinary, cultural and agricultural traditions of our beautiful little country.